Do you stress about time?

Time is running out. Time flies, The time is  Now!  Aaagh! It can stress me out (what time is it?) which can send me into retreat mode! And believe me when I say ~ I can get creative when it's time to define "retreat" ;)

How we show up for ourselves has an impact on every part of our being. Our physical, emotional and mental health depends on us being able to show up for ourselves, listen and be an active participant. The time crunch often makes it feel like we have to prioritize one value over the other, when balance is optimal.  The messages of imbalances are evident if we can still ourselves to observe.  How can we slow down to observe? Breathing exercises, Meditation, Acupuncture are a few modalities that can help.

Yea, yeah - balance. What does that look like? Of course, it will be different for each person. But here are some signs of imbalance when it comes from stress. (These are not quantitative findings such as information from your blood panel, hormonal patterns, imaging - that's for another discussion - since those can be addressed too.) Qualitative findings are equally important - think, quality of life.

Signs of "imbalance" may include: fatigue, digestive irregularities, sleep difficulty, headaches, chronic inflammation, constant irritability, emotional outbursts, feelings of depression and/or anxiety. 

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine investigate the roots of imbalance  while simultaneously treating the  branches, aka, your symptoms. Once the patterns of imbalance are recognized, they can be gently transformed into a catalyst for growth. And after all, isn't that why we're here? To grow? Grow in love, experiences and relationships.  

What we do with our time is a choice ~ choose you! Make the time to learn about yourself, take care of yourself, and nourish the relationship you have with yourself. Make the time count.